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Introducing, our new and improved flags!

These flags are exceptional quality, and large in size.

The flag-pole is adjustable in size, so you can carry it anywhere!


Product includes: flag-pole and flag cloth packaged separately.


 Printed on see-through material with the same front and back


 Flag size: 51×38 inches (with 1 inch error)


Flag-Pole size: 7-layer length adjustable (minimum 11 to maximum 61 inch)


It is easy to store and carry in a bag or pouch!

★How to use flag &flagpole connection★


1) Spread the folded print flag

2) Spread the flagpole (7 tiers) to the end

3) Push the spread flagpole into the seam of the print flag

4) Stick the sticky tape on both sides of the flagpole and the sticky tape on the inside of the flag seam fixing it



Victory - Large Worship Flag