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Prophetic Art Online Courses

Prophetic Art Online Education

Online courses, workshops, private lessons, and more!

Janet empowers people to activate their God-given creativity. She teaches people about Prophetic Art, and guides them in the journey of creating masterpieces in partnership with God.


A Prophetic Art Online Course with Janet Hyun

Are you ready to awaken your unlimited creative potential through Prophetic Art? You were made to create in partnership with Holy Spirit - it is your divine birthright to tap into the power of Prophetic Art! You as a child of God have the inherent creativity to create new life, new timelines, and new creations that change the world! 


Through this 12 week-long online program, you will deeply understand and embody the power of Prophetic Art - it has the ability to heal us, heal those around us, and can transform our lives from a blank canvas into a beautiful masterpiece that is made in partnership with Holy Spirit!

What Will You Learn?

  • Prophetic Art Theory:

    • The history of prophetic art 

    • The practice & skill of prophetic art 

    • The spirituality and creativity of prophetic artists - You will learn how to connect intimately with Holy Spirit to create powerful works of prophetic art that have the power to heal you and those around you!

  • Creating Abundance and Prosperity as an Artist

  • Breakthrough & Release: Fear, Doubt, and Limitations as an Artist

  • Basic to Advanced Art Techniques & Concepts

  • Explore New Mediums:

    • acrylic painting, drawing skills, color pencils, oil pastels and/or soft pastels

Who is this Course For?

This course is perfect for someone who wants to elevate their artistic gifts and learn how to use the arts as a tool for healing, prophesy, and in service to God. If you dream about bringing healing and confirmation to others through your artwork, then this course is absolutely designed for you.


Join us for an incredible journey this Fall - You will be taught and guided by Janet Hyun, world-renowned prophetic artist and speaker. This course will be hosted and assisted by Janet’s daughter, Jamie Hyun - she is also an artist, and understands Prophetic Art and Janet’s teaching style clearly. Both Janet and Jamie carry a powerful anointing to awaken the God-given creative potential within each individual.


Janet will provide one-on-one mentoring for all students, and teach the history, concept, practice, skill, and spirituality of Prophetic Art. She will also be teaching basic to advanced art techniques and concepts. The mediums for creation will be drawing, color pencil, oil pastel, and painting.


The minimum age requirement for this online course is 13 years old. 

Let’s come together and experience a creative journey with Holy Spirit as our guide!

Prophetic Art Foundations Training

Online Course Information - Asia Class

Important Dates for Adults Class

  • 10/23 - 1/8/23 (Hong Kong Standard Time Zone)

  • Weekly class on Mondays 9-12 PM (UTC+08:00)

Cost of Program: (We accept split-payments - Select Affirm at checkout)

  • $950 USD Tuition

What to Expect:

  • Weekly Group Class over Zoom

  • Maximum 12 students

  • Private Mentoring with JH 

  • Powerful awakening and transformation within your creative life - Tapping into Free Expression and Boldness!

  • Access to a supportive community of creatives excited about Prophetic Art

  • Weekly assignments

  • 1 final project and presentation

  • Classes are recorded for your convenience and reference

  • Art supplies not included


Supplies List:

  •  Acrylic Paint - white, black, variety of colors

  • Paintbrushes (small, medium, large)

  •  5x7 Canvas (5)

  •  11x14 Canvas (5)

  • 16x20 Canvas (2)

  •  Sketchbook (8x10 size)

  •  2b, 3b, and 4b pencils

Supplies List is subject to change

Private Mentoring - Prophetic Art Foundations

Private Mentoring Online Course, for those who want a 1 on 1 experience

Important Dates: 

  • Schedule will be discussed between Janet and student(s) (8 week long course)

  • Weekly private lesson between Janet and student(s), over Zoom

Cost of Program: 

  • $1500 (We accept split-payments - Select Affirm at checkout)

What to Expect:

  • 1 on 1 guidance, mentoring, and art lessons with Janet Hyun

  • You can create a small group 1-3 people for a more intimate community experience

  • Freedom to ask as many questions as desired - without worrying about taking time and space from others

  • Powerful awakening and transformation within your creative life - Tapping into Free Expression and Boldness!

Meet The Team

9107_555562957829842_1215154769_n copy.jpg

Janet Hyun

Founder & Educator


Jamie Hyun

Teaching Assistant & Program Host

Janet Hyun is one of the leading artists of the Christian prophetic art movement and has an insatiable desire to see this generation impacted for the Kingdom of God. Her paintings of the Lion of Judah and Tree of Life imagery are some of her most well known works of art. Her works are well recognized both in the United States and abroad and have been displayed worldwide.

Janet studied Fine Arts at the Art Institute of Chicago and also graduated from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. She travels as a live painting artist for conferences, art shows, and as a workshop instructor.
​She is also the author of the prophetic art book, "Heavenly Expressions", which is available here

Jamie Hyun is an artist and art instructor. She is passionate about awakening the unlimited creative potential in everyone. Jamie is certified in Social and Emotional Learning by UCLA Arts & Healing, and is in the process of a bachelor's degree in Illustration Design. She is also Janet's daughter and understands Janet's philosophy on Prophetic Art, as well as her teaching style. 

Jamie will be assisting you throughout this program, and assisting Janet within the classes.

You can view Jamie's art and creations on her website, and read her bio for more information:

Register for Prophetic Art - Asia Online

Tuition: $950 (Split-payments are accepted)
We are so excited to begin this new creative journey with you!
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