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Heavenly Expressions
Autobiographical Prophetic Art Journey by Janet Hyun

"Heavenly Expressions is the only prophetic art book of its kind out there today. It will take you on the interior journey of a creative person's process to introduce the theme of prophetic visual arts, introduce a spiritual awakening in contemporary art, and inspire people from all spheres of society to know what prophetic art truly is." - Shawn Bolz

Janet Hyun is a world-renowned prophetic artist. She is a truly anointed prophetic painter whose paintings create a bridge between Heaven and Earth. She is well known for her Lion of Judah roaring paintings, Lion and the Lamb artwork, Tree of Life imagery, and more.


Through this book, you will journey through the experiences of her life that have led her to pioneer this art form for so many prophetic artists in this generation. Janet is an inspiration for so many, regardless of religion or cultural associations. She boldly shares the most vulnerable experiences of her life, in both art and her personal history. She shares how she has been guided by God to follow her heart, and how doing so has resurrected lost childhood dreams, relationships, and even the skill to create art on a whole new level. Janet's art continues to reach thousands over the world today.

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