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In our life, we overcome so many obstacles and endure many hardships, on the way up the Stairway to Heaven. We go through so much on this journey, both highs and lows. One thing we can never forget is that God is with us hand in hand, every step of the way. As we journey through the forests and woods of Life, God travels with us, and instructs the stars to light our way through the darkness. He is always with us!


In this painting, Holy Spirit is walking with us to the very end, through a starry forest and on a staircase that represents our Life journey. The beautiful thing is that the end is just the beginning of our eternal life. 


Can you remember a time where you felt the hand of God guide and lead you forward during a hard time? 


He is always and forever with you, by your side, every step of the way. Sometimes He is not only by your side, but He is the one carrying you through. 


I hope this painting strengthens your faith, and showers you with the unconditional love that is coming through from Heaven, for you.

Stairway to Heaven II